Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs I — Friday Photos 9

I am intrigued by signs — particularly older signs that have been in place for years or even decades. Their significance, what they are there to tell us, and how their message has changed over the years. One of my duties at my office is to pick up our mail from the main campus building, some seven or so blocks away. I love the building as it is enormous and spans over many blocks, many of them underground — and the underground tunnels connect multiple buildings. The main campus building is located at 1300 York Avenue, but from this sign, you can see that there is a way to get to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which is located quite a distance at 1275 York Avenue.

I saw the following sign, hanging above a small storage door, as I was heading down the stairs to the sub-basement. I appreciate the fact that it not only has information for those who can see, but for those who cannot. I imagine that the significance of the sign is to mark which door this is for ease of locating it. In a building of such size, every set of stairs is labeled with a code, as are most doors and just about anything that can fall into disrepair.

For some reason when I see this sign, I think of an old school documentary film that they used to show to teach children important life lessons, and particularly a grumpy middle aged white man wearing a suit warning children not to keep the door open — it’s for their own good, after all!

You can tell the age of this sign based on the name that it has for the hospital, which is now called NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. If you are like me, you may be wondering why I left out the space between New and York, but that is exactly how it is written on all signage and that is exactly the name of the hospital.

Lastly, another older sign — again, the naming convention gives it away.

I only wish people would follow this rule on the stairs. I have picked up quite a lot of trash going up and down stairs in my daily visits!


2 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs I — Friday Photos 9

  1. “Leave everything better than it was when you found it.”
    I got to practice that motto my best friend and I share just yesterday. There’s a beautiful little city park with a fountain, bridges, pond and imaginative play area for the children in my hometown that I visited while waiting on the clock to chug to the top of the hour for my appointment.
    The carnage of Styrofoam cups, spoons, and hot dog wrappers was more than I could stand. I picked them up, despite the scolding of the ducks for my getting too close to their territory. I, as you, have left the place better then when we found it. 🙂

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