Making Time to Clear Your Mind

The next time you find yourself completely overwhelmed with things to do and you realize that too much of your time is being sunk into distracting activities that serve no purpose other than to put off facing that mountain of work in front of you, take a few minutes and try the following activity.

Start by closing your eyes. You may need to do this somewhere you won’t be disturbed even if this means the restroom. There’s a rest in the name for a reason.

With your eyes closed, think of some calm scenery — it may be a beach for you. I don’t care much for beaches, so I think of landscapes from the Pacific Northwest, such as some parks that were near my home in West Seattle when I lived there.

The goal is to try to put everything out of your mind for a couple of minutes. Focus on your breathing, if it helps, and think about the oxygen being carried around your body and sustaining your health and general well being.

After a few minutes, get up and go back to your place of working and take a fresh look at your to do list, and rearrange it such that you are not doing too many of the same things over and over again — perhaps make some of the more dull or difficult tasks a first priority so that they get done and leave you with the more enjoyable tasks.

With your fresh perspective, you can focus on what you need to do anew and steer away from the things distracting you over and over again and push you into doing your work in a hurry because you find yourself out of time to do it. Twitter and Facebook can wait until later, after all — the work will still need to be done after you read for the hundredth time a joke about a silly celebrity baby name.


5 thoughts on “Making Time to Clear Your Mind

  1. I think I’ve unconsciously done that. There’s times when you have to call “Time Out”! People, pressure, deadlines, phones, inoperable computer systems can wait. None of those things matter when the cog that runs them becomes unusable.

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