Cryptic Graffiti — Friday Photos 7

Sometimes you see a message that is meant for someone else, and you wonder what it means. That’s how I feel when I see certain graffiti — it doesn’t make sense to me, but then perhaps its creator did not ever have an intention for me to get meaning from it.

Here, neither the top or the bottom graffiti seem to be a word, or a name of any recognizable sort. Jonep? It is conceivable that the bottom graffiti says DOOM if you look at it from one angle and tilt your head.

Here is a trio of graffiti, perhaps from three different artists.

The first one seems to say “CUS” — perhaps he or she is sending love to a cousin.

The second appears to be “DEEP” — and deep it is! Note the arrow swinging toward it, and the tail pushing forth away from it, as well as the interesting swirl beneath.

The third could be related to the second. I think this could be the case because of the similar way that the arrow swings around and points back at it. I’m not sure if it is meant to say JORE or JORF, but either of these seem relatively Kryptonian as far as names go.

If we put these together, we get CUS DEEP JORE or CUS DEEP JORF, which could be a broken sentence. What is happening because of deep jorf?

Lastly, I present you with graffiti that I will call SPUOF! I am enamored with this piece of graffiti precisely because of the exclamation mark at the end of it, as if it is trying to make sure that you notice it. It’s not just spuof — it’s SPUOF! Are we meant to pronounce it spwaf, spu-of, spu-off, or spew off? The latter sounds rather Eastern European as far as names go.

I would like to add more graffiti like this as time goes on — check back on this entry to see more!


4 thoughts on “Cryptic Graffiti — Friday Photos 7

  1. I, too, have mused at miscellaneous taggings in my neighborhood. The railway cars at the Oil Company on the west side of town ALWAYS have cryptic writings and logos with a rainbow of colors associated with them. They’re usually big balloon letters, and it always looks as if the same person wrote all of them. How can every tagger in the continental US have the ‘same handwriting’? And for that matter, the same unintelligible language?
    “Things that make you go, Hmmmm”

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