Going from Point A to Point B — Friday Photos 6

Living in a city like New York, you see a lot of people trying to get from point A to point B, with the occasional stop at Random Place Q (Duane Reade, the fruit stand, a coffee cart, etc.) and the means from getting from one place to the other are many. Today I want to take a look at a few of the ways people get around this big and beautiful city. Let us start with the humble bicycle.

It has infinite miles per gallon, as the Threadless shirt says, and takes you places faster than walking — with a good workout, to boot. Much caution is required of course — you neither want to hit or be hit while riding a bicycle as either can make for quite a disaster. This brings us to our next form of transportation — the slightly less humble motorcycle.

Bigger, faster, and of course far more dangerous in many ways than the bicycle. I regularly see people wearing expensive helmets and then just ordinary clothing. I suppose that those people want to live their lives as a head in a jar — the rest of their body would not survive even a small crash very well! Note in the back of this photo you can see some nice scooters. They are also a good ride, and allow you to swing one leg over and yell “Ciao!” while going off into the sunset, or to get an espresso with friends. This brings us to a tangential photo, of Police motorcycles.

Yep. Pretty darn neat looking, and lined up nicely. They look so much nicer than a person getting stopped and frisked for no apparent reason. Next, we have one of the most popular ways to get places, especially if you are in a hurry or do not like taking public transportation — the taxi.

I very rarely take cabs, though if I have just returned from a trip and am at the airport with my wife and toddler and a lot of luggage, this can be one of the most efficient ways to get home. Lastly, but not leastly, a bit of a fun image with a throwback to a previous post about construction.

I can’t imagine anyone taking one of these for a joy ride, but it probably would be one of the slowest and least fun (least joyful!) rides of all time. On the plus side, think of all of the people you could pick up with it!


8 thoughts on “Going from Point A to Point B — Friday Photos 6

  1. I really like getting around by bike the most. Plus every time I use it instead of the bus or cab I feel myself as a part of Eco movement! πŸ˜€
    Nice article!

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