Move it or Don’t Lose it!

After the issue I had yesterday with lemon juice in water, I made sure that we would have at least two dozen lemons last night — that is, while I was bathing and preparing my two and a half year old son for bed, my wife and roommate took a walk to the supermarket and got said lemons as well as some other pantry wants. One of those wants was a bag of potato chips that our roommate said we could share. I pointed to the information panel on the back, and how the bag contained four servings at one hundred fifty calories a piece, and he relented and allowed me to count out exactly thirteen potato chips into a bowl. We had a discussion about my workout and decided that I needed to step it up now, and not just slowly work my way up to excellence over the course of five weeks.

That being said, I went to bed at about eleven but did not actually get to sleep until close to one thirty in the morning. Someone (I won’t point fingers or mention names) decided that last night was a good time to screech and be hysterical and refuse to go to sleep or explain why he was so reluctant to lay in his own bed for so long. I fell asleep, dreading the four forty-five alarm. As it turns out, I woke up nine minutes before the alarm and, if I am not mistaken, got two solid sleep cycles and therefore woke up feeling not entirely exhausted. (I have noticed that on days when I try to sleep for the extra time before the alarm and it is less than an average sleep cycle, I do not feel any more rested than if I were to have woken up without the extra time.)

Now that you have had that long winded introduction, let me tell you that the suggestion that my roommate gave me for a morning workout routine, Chalene Johnson’s Turbofire, was solid and really did the trick for me. I did a thirty minute cardio workout which included two one minute long high intensity interval training periods that were followed by minute long cool downs, and I am grateful for them. I noticed that this morning when I took the stairs up from the Lexington and 63rd Street I was not nearly as winded as I have been in the past — and those are some long stairs! Those stairs, by the way, always give me a bit of a chuckle in the morning. There is a set of escalators next to the stairs and there are always people lining up to get on the escalator rather than make the effort to get on the stairs. That is why I call stairs the effortscalator.

Along with a well planned diet, a mixture of cardiovascular and strength related training is extremely important if you want to be in good shape. I’m not talking about getting skinny here — I am talking about the kind of good shape where if you are suddenly being pursued by someone, you won’t worry as much about collapsing from exhaustion. Yes, I am aware that adrenaline often helps in those situations, but you know what I meant. When you are done with your workout for the day, make a plan for what you will be doing the following day exercise-wise — even if it means scheduling a rest day! As a final note, those rest days are in fact important.


4 thoughts on “Move it or Don’t Lose it!

  1. “Rest Days” have been in the scheme of things since the days of our Parents Adam and Eve. Sounds like the perfect plan to me.

  2. I found something interesting about that word “rest”. In Hebrew, it leans more toward ‘everything is done’ rather than the ‘opposite of work’. It’s not as if HaShem said: “That’s it! I’m tired! I can’t create another leaf! I’m tired!”
    “No working” by definition means ‘everything is done’. It’s helped me immensely in my walk. Not to ignore the rules themselves, but what they are in place for; to get ‘everything done’ so work isn’t NECESSARY.
    “He who watches Israel never slumbers or sleeps.”

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