Positive Life Changes

This morning when I woke up, I put into work the implementation of one of several lifestyle changes that I hope to make starting today — I drank a large glass of water within fifteen minutes of waking. I meant to have it with a freshly squeezed lemon but I forgot to get lemons yesterday and in drinking the water as it was, I succeeded in another of my ongoing goals — not being so adamant about doing things perfectly.

I previously would have sighed upon realizing I had no lemons and just given up on everything for the day but I made the decision that it was important to press on and do the best that I could with my materials at hand — so I drank the “plain” glass of water.

I was dressed for a workout and that is indeed what I did — a variation of the first day of a five week program suggested to me by my wife involving twenty jumping jacks, twenty sit-ups, twenty squats, the plank position for as long as I could take it (forty seconds this morning but I am aiming for a minute this week), twenty jab cross punches, and twenty core twist moves.

The plan is to increase the number by twenty each week until week five, at which point you are doing one hundred of each and holding the plank position for quite awhile. I’m not sure yet how long I will realistically be able to do plank.

The last of the lifestyle changes I intend to make involves food and healthy eating. Simply put, I do not have a healthy relationship with food, particularly when I am at the office. I will come in and have a cup of coffee and make oats but forget to eat them until after one in the afternoon some days, by which point I am quite a grouch.

The plan is for there to be a daily meal plan — five small meals every day, with perhaps nourishing snacks as they are warranted. I hope to eliminate nearly all sugar and white flour and white potatoes and other white foods from my diet.

Will I have days on which I do not do as well as others? Indubitably so as I am only human. Will I press on and not give up even though I have faltered and not achieved my goals perfectly? Indeed I will — that is after all one of my goals. These are not all of my goals, mind you — but I am not in a rush to implement them all at once. One of my goals I am implementing straight away, however, is to not try to take on too much at once.


9 thoughts on “Positive Life Changes

  1. Gordon,

    Just saw this & it’s awesome. Too many times have I given in or had a bad attitude because I was focusing too much on how I thought something should be instead of what I can still gain from it. Great insight & great blog. I hope all well with you Sir.



  2. I’m so glad you have your wife’s support.
    A personal improvement effort, without spousal support, can make the usual personal battles even bigger.

    • Right on. I was just reading earlier about a seventeen year old boy whose mother told him that exercise and fitness was a waste of time — a rather out of shape mother, mind you. He looks forward to the day he can go to the gym and not have to hide it from anyone.

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