The Pipes Beneath Our Feet — Friday Photos 5

As I was making my way to the subway this morning I saw a construction crew laying down hot asphalt, raking it as they went along with one person running it over with a small steamroller. I so wanted to take a photograph but there was a person that was waving everyone along. I couldn’t help but stop, however, when I came across a large set of pipes that were going to be put down underground. They looked so magnificent, laying there together.

I then found these delightful enormous black pipe parts. The curves of the pipes really define them and the contrast against the dull road was nice.

When all of this construction work is going on, there is always a disruption in traffic and fortunately there is a person there to guide things along. I can just imagine the sort of chaos that would be if the construction crew were just going about their work and there were no signs to get people to avoid driving into the construction area, or a person there to help slow the cars — particularly during rush hour when everyone needs to be somewhere ten minutes earlier.

I found this to be of particular interest for some reason — I’m not sure if it was the enormity of the two black pipes that caught my eye or the fact that they weighed down a large wooden board with a construction warning sign.

In the world of construction, you are always going to have garbage to haul away, and in this case, I imagine that the recent winds and rain that have hit Kew Gardens (as well as the tropical storm that we are going to be facing over the next day or so) make for a perilous situation in terms of things being blown over. That is precisely why I think the construction crew weighed down the wooden lid to this trash receptacle.

Lastly, something new for you — a video on Friday Photos. A photo could not capture this — the pipes are being watered from below and, if you can’t see it, also from above as it is pouring rain.

The next time you are going somewhere and notice a construction crew hard at work, think not just of the end result to which they are working — think of all of the material that needs to go into making that end result take place — as well as the effort needed to make it happen! Stay dry this weekend if you are in reach of the tropical storm — and maybe enjoy a cup of tea.


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