Say NO to The Dunkin’ Donuts Donut Breakfast Sandwich

I realize that I am probably stirring a hornet’s nest or some other angry animal metaphor here, but let me just put it out there — the Dunkin’ Donuts Donut Breakfast Sandwich (composed of a donut, bacon, and fried eggs) is the last thing that this already overweight, too prone to heart disease and artery clogged nation needs. Before you take out your pitchfork and start yelling that I am trying to make an argument for a nanny state, know well that I am absolutely not doing that — however, I am appealing to you as the individual reader to make the choice NOT to basically cut down part of your life by letting this horrendous thing cross your lips.

The numbers seem to paint a fairly pretty picture — it has only three hundred and sixty calories. Fine, and that is a lovely number for you to have at breakfast, I suppose. However, please consider that these calories are almost entirely empty and come from refined sugars, animal fat, and have nearly no nutritional value.

I will give you that it is fairly okay when it comes to how much protein you are getting in a serving. The cost of the cholesterol, the fat, and the sugar does not make it worth it to me. (As a strictly kosher keeping Jew I would not have the chance to eat this thing that passes itself off as food but even if I did, I certainly would not.)

I would like to recommend an alternative to this garbage in the form of Overnight Oats. That’s right, I don’t just want to whine about how bad things are without presenting some sort of solution or attempt at a solution. This recipe could not be too much easier to make.

1/2 tablespoon chia seeds — you can buy these in bulk at some stores.
1/2 cup oats — preferably rolled oats
1 cup milk of your preference — I like almond and soy milk, though this will work well with other milks
You can add a teaspoon of a sweetener if you must but I think it’s better without.
You can add in half of a cup of your choice of fruit or nut.

Put this all in a mason jar or another lid wearing container and set it in the refrigerator and in the morning you will have a healthy breakfast that has plenty of protein to start off your morning right without the gut-breaking cholesterol and excessive fat.


5 thoughts on “Say NO to The Dunkin’ Donuts Donut Breakfast Sandwich

  1. Hey. That is a WONDERFUL idea!
    I was watching Cook’s Country on PBS the other day, and they were talking how to use WHOLE oats (as opposed to rolled oats that have lost some of their nutritive value) without cooking them for the 45 min required to get them ‘done’.
    the alternative?
    Pour boiling water over them in the evening, soak them in the fridge overnight, and OUILA! Oatmeal for breakfast with only 10 mins on the stove to heat them up…..
    Good stuff, those oats! 🙂

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