Protect Your Bike Right!

Bicycles can be extraordinarily expensive — particularly for those with little to no money. Even tires can be quite costly. To those looking to make a quick buck, stealing tires off of an improperly secured bicycle is too easy — just pop off the tires and walk away!

Look at this sad shadow of what used to be a beautiful bicycle. To me it seems that the original owner despaired so much at the loss of the tires that he or she abandoned the bicycle frame to the elements. Bicycle theft is preventable but it requires action from you, the owner.

Use a proper lock. If a pair of bolt cutters is all it takes to separate your bicycle from its security, then you may be trusting a thousand dollar bicycle to something unlockable with thirty dollar keys from the hardware store.

Lock your tires and frame. It takes a couple of minutes to remove a wheel and secure it along with the other wheel but that time is necessarily cheaper than the cost of replacing your tires.

Above all, be vigilant. There are some areas where your bicycle will never be safe and will always be stolen if it is worth the time of the thief. Of course, this may mean for you that it’s better to buy a sturdy yet hideous and duct tape covered bicycle — or make it from junkyard parts! Up cycling may be your savior in transportation!

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