A Happy Day for Mothers!

Today is the day on which we in the United States honor all mothers. My mother got a lovely card from my stepfather, my wife got an environmentally friendly verbal offering from me, and my son made a card with my mother’s help.

Every year, particularly since my wife and I had a child, I realize more and more that one day is not enough! Every day, my wife puts forth an awesome effort to keep our toddler Chaim Yosef fed, clean, entertained, and educated all day long until I get home from the office, which can get later during the spring and early summer as my office gets busier then.

How to better show her this appreciation? I already bring her “flowers” every Friday in honor of her as well as the holy Sabbath. She and I already agree that bringing more material objects into our tiny apartment is not a good idea. What to do? There are plenty of ideas that I have had over the last couple of years.

Once every few months — this is about all we can manage, given how difficult it can be to find a babysitter whose schedule fits in nicely with yours — we go out on our own and do something nice together, such as go to see a movie. We spent the weekend at my mother’s house in New Jersey and though there were difficulties aplenty with keeping to our kosher and vegetarian diet in an environment that was not particularly conducive to it, we were thrilled that my mother and stepfather offered to take care of Chaim on Saturday night after Shabbos ended so that we could go to a local theater and see a movie — we ended up seeing The Great Gatsby.

What special things have you done for Mother’s Day? What do you do, if anything, on a more regular basis to honor the mothers in your life? We are of course looking forward to Father’s day — but then again, shouldn’t every day be Father’s day as it is Mother’s day?

photo credit: Patrick Q via photopin cc


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