The Return of This Blog

A little more than a month ago, I discovered that Createspace, the lovely web site run by Amazon that allows you to create print on demand books (and DVDs and other such things) now had removed its pay wall, and all you had to do to get a book onto Amazon (in the printed section) was to format it yourself. Mind you, my novella Kate has been available on Amazon for over four years now, in Kindle format — but so many people have told me that they would read it if it were in paperback that I finally did something about it.

Before I get to the return of this blog, I want to mention something quite amusing to me. In the four years since I have made it available for the Kindle, I have made maybe twenty dollars worth of sales, selling numerous copies. When I finalized everything with Createspace, I ordered fifteen paperback copies and set up the following price scheme : five dollars for the book signed, and ten dollars if you wanted to get a copy of the book with a short short story that is tangential to the novella and unique to each copy of the book — in other words, no two people have the same short short story at the end of their book, and it is limited to one hundred different short shorts that I am writing as people order them.

In less than a week, I had made six sales — five of which were for the ten dollar edition. That means that I made more money in that week than I had in the whole time I was selling it for the Kindle. I think it had something to do with Marketing. When I would tell people about my book on the Kindle, I would describe it to them and give them the link for the book. When I tell people about the book that is in paperback, I show them the actual book and make the offer right there, Square reader on hand in case they don’t like to carry cash. (Square readers are excellent, by the way!)

Now, this blog : more than a few people have suggested to me that I have an author blog where I can talk about writing, promote my work, give information about upcoming events, etc. I was thinking about registering a whole new WordPress blog but it occurred to me that the best domain was one I already had — my own name. I own my own name and stand behind it. I have learned quite a lot in the last thirteen years of blogging and I hope to put that experience to good use here. Please enjoy the all new Gordon Davidescu — author blog! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “The Return of This Blog

  1. Well. I learn something new every day! πŸ™‚
    I didn’t know you were “10TXT”ing on your own! Good for you!

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