yom tov was good

and over the course of it Goobie Bear was at a bear hospital and his head is considerably less congested. Therefore it is awesome.

I think this year I am going to try my hand at a parsha write-up with a touch of humour in it – and written entirely in english with no sentence like “the chofetz chaim says…” and if you know why then you may appreciate it.


7 thoughts on “yom tov was good

      • I love to hear commentaries on anything ‘worth thinking about’. Others perspectives are things to be learned from a lot of times……
        That’s what you’re alluding to the first place, isn’t it? “R. Moshe said……..” or “R. ben David said……..”
        It’s all commentary, except now we can say “ben Romania said……….” (I don’t know your father’s name, but I know your father’s homeland 🙂 )
        I like to hear another’s perspective. There’s my vote.

      • G=d is Great, Son of Samson.
        I wonder what’s in store for Chaim?
        Hard to cut his hair at this point, isn’t it?
        But you know, unless you fulfill a (a BUNCH) a few requirements…… it’s not possible…..
        and then HE”S going to not go by a vineyard, and see honey in a dead lion either.
        it’s just all WRONG – every which way you look.
        what say you?

  1. Samson shouldn’t have been there in the FIRST place. It so goes against anything that was written and taught, to him, by the Elders, and most importantly, by his very own parents.

    Jeremiah 6:16 my Favorite Writing………

    “Balak’ is this week’s Parshah. I’m listening… it’s loaded… Baalam’s ‘obedience’ frankly scares me — just saying. Asking Hashem for leeway to disobey isn’t really what Hashem wants, needs, or desires. May the nations surrounding Isra’el do the same that Baalam did to Israel! History always repeats itself! Read, and comment on what you hear Moshe say, from this portion, not the Rebbe’s, as you mentioned. I’d like to hear what you say (or have to think about it)…

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